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Woodland House and Birmingham Women's Hospital

Woodland House

"Sadly for some families not all pregnancies have a happy ending."

Birmingham Women's Hospital hospital cares for over 2,000 grieving mums and dads every year who may have lost a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death. Every loss is a devastating and uniquely personal experience, but at the moment the space in which the expert bereavement midwives have to hold heartbreaking conversations doesn't reflect the significance of each family's loss. News is delivered in cramped quiet rooms, often on the maternity ward or in busy outpatient areas, and our patients repeatedly speak of feeling rushed and of having nowhere to go after receiving devastating news. Woodland House will change this. It will be a brand-new, purpose-built, centre away from the hustle and bustle of the main hospital, where families can spend time together in safe, secure and serene surroundings before they feel ready to face the world again. We need to raise £3.5million to make Woodland House a reality.

I've seen the devastation that losing a baby causes and how much those families need a space that gives them all the support they need.

I'm aiming to run the Chicago, Berlin and Tokyo Marathons by the end of February 2021. All money I raise will go to Woodland House. I'll also be organising other events in between and persuading you to part with your cash in any way that I can! I'm open to all fundraising suggestions.

Thank you for supporting me.

Mandy xxx

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Woodland House Appeal Video

This video contains material which can be upsetting for some viewers

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