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One On One Yoga Sessions

There are lots of reasons why you might want to opt for a one to one yoga session:

- you have a tiny baby at home and would prefer to have a more personal yoga session before coming to a class
- you are, quite frankly, too tired to think about making it out of the house to a yoga class
- you've never done yoga before and feel a little nervous about coming to a class before you've met me
- you're weepy, worn out and a little emotional and you feel more comfortable at home
- you have a specific issue that requires a more tailored yoga programme
- you are rehabbing from an injury or a birth related issue and need more one to one attention than a class would give you
- you work from home and find it more convenient for me to come to you
- you want to treat yourself

Please drop me a note or give me a call if you think a one to one session might work for you.

I can chat through all the options and find out what you are looking for. The sessions are tailored to you. I can offer my thoughts but I my priority is to listen to your own ideas, concerns and objectives. It might be to strengthen post-natally. It might be because you are finding things a bit much and are looking for some quiet space with breathing and relaxation techniques.

The session lasts one hour once I am at your home. They don't have to be every week. They can be as often as you would like. Absolutely nothing is expected of you. They are your yoga sessions and they are for your enjoyment.

It is no problem at all for your baby to be with us during the sessions. I am very used to amusing little ones and very happy for them to share our practice. It can sometimes be really useful for you to find a yoga practice and relaxation techniques that you can do with your baby; see it as the beginning of their own yoga journey.

My one to one to sessions cost £75 an hour. I bring everything I need with me and also some little treats every now and then. You will also have access to the password protected Community Section of the website and my private Facebook Group.

New Mama One to One

Can I share a little secret with you? I now love being a mum but I didn't always. The first few weeks and months were terrifying. I had all these expectations and I didn't feel that I met any of them. I was totally paranoid, tearful and I refused to accept help. No-one could look after Grace in the way I did. Sound familiar?

If it does, my one to one yoga sessions are for you. I can help you to find a space within your own home where you rediscover yourself and remember all the great things about you. It is much more than just yoga. It is a space for you that helps you find your safe road through the chaos of motherhood. Yes, yoga forms a key part of each session (I know that it's important to you to start to regain your body again) but it's also really important to you that you begin to feel like "you" again, that you forget your worries and that you find ways to relax and switch your brain off for a few moments. It is fine to want to forget your baby for a little while. You still love them. BUT you need to give yourself room to breath and you need to be kind to yourself.

One to ones are tailored to you. You will come away with yoga sequences, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that are perfect for you as a new mum. Practices that you can use alone or with your baby. Your baby is welcome at every session. Imagine finding ways to relax with your baby. Bliss.

I take everyone absolutely as I find them. I have no expectations or requirements of you. You can be in your pyjamas, without a spot of make-up on and that's perfect. Just be you.

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