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I find it very difficult to put into words just how "lost" I felt after I had my first daughter. Nothing in my life felt as though it bore any resemblance to life before Grace.

I was anxious and I cried all the time. I was lonely and isolated. Well, in reality, I isolated myself because I wasn't in a good enough place to leave the house. This meant that I met hardly any new mums. I simply hadn't expected motherhood to feel so hard. I became depressed. It took a long time but with lots of hard work and support from Keri I came through.

When I had Neave I made sure that I went out and spent time with other new mums. What a different experience that was. I realised that building your community and having a network of support makes all the difference. This time round, I was able to see that all mums have the same worries, we all have good days and bad days but we do get through them. Everything is a phase that passes. I laughed, I had fun and I loved my maternity leave.

When I started teaching yoga I was determined to create a community for my mums. That's why Blossom is a network. It's your space where you can come and go or you can stay for a little longer. Many of my mums make lifelong friends from the classes.

There's a private Facebook group where we share news of our baby's arrival and achievements. We share pictures, gossip and ask questions of each other (no question is ever too silly). I organise meet-ups at least twice a year and there's always a Christmas party to come along to with your partner, your mum, aunty, uncle, and obviously your baby. As well as that, I try to organise mum-only nights. Love our babies as we do, sometimes it's nice to leave them at home for a while.

The classes are called "yoga" and "massage" but they are more than that. They are a place to take a step away from the world and to be yourself exactly as you feel that day. There is no expectation that everyone is coping all of the time. Mindfulness plays a huge part in what I do. They will give you the headspace you need.

We are a community. We are a group of mums all supporting each other, all understanding that motherhood has its challenges and that we all deal with those at different times and in different ways. The classes are a place where you can strengthen both your body and your mind safely in the care of, not only me, but also within the arms of other amazing women.

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