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Mum's Stories

Michelle's Story

I gave birth to my first back in May 2016. I was lucky to be part of a NCT group at St Francis, Bournville which was a fantastic place to initially meet new parents and learn an awful lot. I felt very clueless early on and the group there was priceless and then enabled me to feel happy to join more classes and groups which led on to me going along to Mandy's Pregnancy Yoga class initially. I then did the Baby Massage class too as I missed the chats and cups of tea with all the mums.

Really that's what is wonderful about Mandy and her classes she creates a hugely warm environment and is very open and friendly during the classes. I found I learnt so so much about becoming a new mum and then how to raise my baby, more so from Mandy's classes than anywhere else such as family or friends! I found her classes invaluable and feel extremely lucky to have had this local to me! We still meet up as a Yoga mums group, babies are now toddlers!!

Rebecca's Story

I hope you are well! I have baby news! I gave birth to baby Charlotte Grace Fothergill on Monday at 9.30am and she weighed 8lb 5oz. The labour was fairly quick starting with contractions at 3am and I used the breathing techniques and tens machine to get through until 7.30 when we went to hospital and had gas and air and baby was born! It was the breathing that got me through and I wanted to say thank you for all the tips and techniques which made my labour a much better and easier experience this time round!

Sarah's Story

Thought you’d want a quick update that our little lady has made her appearance! Evelyn Johanna Wragg arrived by emergency C-section on 10th August at 8.55am, weighing 8lb11oz.

I’d had my waters broken, on drip induction for 18 hours and labour was not progressing so they took me down to theatre for the c-section. The whole thing was a bit scary at times but a combination of coffee pot and golden thread breaths made everything feel so much more manageable. The midwife even commented that she could tell I had been to pregnancy yoga!

I wanted to say a special thank you for taking the time to talk about c-section during classes. It wasn’t something I’d thought about that much as a possibility so it came as a bit of a shock when the doctor first suggested it but I remembered several times during classes when you and Val had talked about it. The chats had always been very positive and relaxed and focussed on how it could be just as much of a positive birthing experience as any other. And it was! We are both absolutely smitten with our beautiful girl!

Thank you for all the support and advice in the classes. Please let me know when availability comes up in the mother and baby yoga classes although I’ll probably need a bit of time to put myself back together again!

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