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About Mandy

My Journey into Yoga

I am a 200-hour certified Independent Yoga Network yoga teacher and also a Birthlight-qualified post-natal yoga teacher, but my journey into yoga hasn't necessarily been a straightforward one. Up until Neave my second daughter, was four years old, I was working as a real estate lawyer in Birmingham city centre. I qualified as a lawyer way back in 1995 and I'd practised ever since then. My husband is also a lawyer, and we found that both of us trying to do that type of career with two children was almost impossible. We certainly didn't have the right balance between work and family. And although I eventually ended up working "officially" only three days a week, it didn't quite work out that way. I often ended up on client calls or drafting documents whilst I was supposed to be spending some time with the girls. It just wasn't working on many levels.

For that reason and with the support of Keri I decided that I needed to do something else.

The Ups and Downs of Motherhoood

So, what next? Well, I'd always practised yoga since I was a student and I'd also experienced first-hand the ups and downs of motherhood. I didn't find the transition into motherhood to be particularly easy and suffered post-natal depression after the birth of Grace. One of the main reasons for this was that I lacked a network of new mums around me. None of our close friends had children when I had Grace. Most of our friends had their first babies when I had Neave. This, coupled with the fact that I felt very low and lacking in self-confidence meant that I didn't feel strong enough to join mum and baby classes. I made what I now know to be a mistake, shutting myself in the house with Grace, almost burying my head in the sand, and just trying to hold everything together enough so that I could go back to work when she was four months old (at that time you were only entitled to six months maternity leave). I found life really tough when Gracie was a small baby. Nothing to do with her; she was an absolute delight. It was all about how I dealt with the stresses of being a new mum.

Blossom Yoga and Wellbeing

Neave was born four years after Grace and I was determined not to feel so alone this time. I realised that lots of other mums felt as I had. I wondered whether there was anything I could do to that provided mums, not just those who felt as I did but also mums who found motherhood to be a little easier, with a focus and a support network. It became clear to me that by teaching yoga (both pregnancy and post-natal yoga), I could hopefully instil a feeling of confidence in new mums about their baby’s birth and also their abilities as a mum. Not preachy but supportive.

Anyway, I made a decision to leave the legal world behind and trained as a yoga teacher. I'd like to say that the rest is history, but being a yogini is something that you never complete. There is always more to learn which I love. Every mum who come to my classes teaches me something.

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Mandy leads a yoga class
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